Dr. Ihde Dental AG has been a reliable partner for over 60 years providing a wide range of implant systems and consumables. We supply dentists and dental technicians with precisely coordinated materials and systems, which are easy and reliable to use. We always ensure high quality and an excellent price-performance ratio so that you can guarantee all-around treatment for your patients that are cost-effective and highly efficient. The following catalog gives you an overview and all the essential information about our implant systems.

Dr. Ihde Dental Implants are exclusively distributed in Lebanon by MTS Sarl, and Egypt by MEMO Offshore. 

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Conventional dental implants procedures refer to standard dental implant process that is done in 2 to 3 phases:

  • Tooth extraction (if required)
  • Implant post-placement
  • Make and Fit Prosthetics on the implant


With the conventional implants process, a period of healing/monitoring time is left for each of the above phases before proceeding to the next step between phases 1, 2, and 3. The conventional dental implant process is normally done over 2 to 3 trips depending on whether teeth are first removed back home with an osseointegration time period of about 2 months or more. Some form of provisional temporaries (such as a partial denture, full denture, or temporary bridge) may be worn during the healing phase so that the individual is with teeth at all times. Tooth extraction (if required)

two-part IMPLANTS

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The new surface treatment for Dr. Ihde Dental AG implants is created with the latest generation of robotic tools for laser ablation. This new technology of high precision creates roughness in the implant through a mesh of hemispherical micrometric pores, with a defined, always identical size and shape and with a symmetrical distribution.

  • A single trip of 3 days is enough for the replacement of          teeth, as they are designed for immediate loading.
  • Affordable treatment because of the inexpensive dental          implant, in fact it is the best dental implant in the world today.
  • Lifetime warranty on these implants (the best dental implants systems) because of their dependable solid structure with no complications.
  • No swelling or bleeding as these are flapless.


The result is a more adequate topography, which provides the most suitable conditions for the osseointegration of the implant, but at the same time it is, and behaves like, a smooth surface at a micrometric (cellular) level. This means that while bone grows well on this surface, the adhesion of bacteria to the same surface is significantly reduced.

single-piece Implants

two-part implants

SINGLE-piece implants


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